American Lawyers

Speaking Chinese

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Maria L. Gee-Schewiger  Ph.D


Mandarin Chinese at 
Thomas Jefferson School of Law



汉语拼音Listening comprehension

第一课 Topic 1

New words of Topic 1
Dialogue of Topic 1

Topic 2

New words of Topic 2
Dialogue of Topic 2

第三课 Topic 3

New words of Topic3
Dialogue of Topic 3

Topic 4

New words of Topic 4
Dialogue of Topic 4

Topic 5

New words of Topic 5
New words of Topic 5: Numbers

Dialogue of Topic 5

Topic 6

New words of Topic 6
Dialogue of Topic 6

Topic 7

New words of Topic 7
Dialogue of Topic 7

New Words for self study

 Sentences for self study

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American Lawyers

Speaking Chinese

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Maria L. Gee-Schweiger.  Ph.D

 Maria, (As known as 李岘) was born and grew up in China. She worked as a screenplay writer and editor at

Heilongjiang TV station for 11 years before she came to the United States. She has published four books, numerous

articles and documentary films since she immigrated to America in 1992. The 12 episode documentary film “Adrift Without Roots” became one of the Asian study materials for many universities in both America and China. She received the Media and Film award at the 6th Asian Heritage Awards in 2009 and Outstanding Multi-Cultural Education Award in 2010 by We Chinese magazine. Maria is Co-founder and Honorable-Chair of American Chinese Culture and Education Foundation. She is the Founder and President of Chinese Writers Association of America.

As an Adjunct professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, University of San Diego, Mesa College, MiraCosta College, USA and Ji Nan University, China, Maria has taught Chinese Language and Literature at different levels for years.

With her leadership experiences, writing background and teaching skills, Maria L. Gee-Schweiger is able to contribute her knowledge to students with excellent pronunciation, writing skills, rich cultural background and ease of communication.

The booklet American Lawyers Speaking Chinese (Level one) was developed by Professor Gee.  She produced a CD study aids with this textbook to help students study by themselves.